Baklava Products

At this very point, pistachio unique to Gaziantep and the oil used meet with the destiny of the homeland and become localized as the place where the flavor finds itself.

Cake Products

Our special cake varieties prepared with care and patience took their places in Bayramoğlu Baklava.

Baklava Products

Our unique and unique baklava varieties prepared by the dexterous hands of our masters are waiting for you.

Cookies Products

Our delicious specialty cookies will leave a unique flavor on your palate compared to other cookies.

Half a century old, flavor

Our sweet journey, which started in the 1950s, started in 1964 with the famous Baklavacı Bayramoğlu. took its place in the sector with its brand. In the past, institutionalization while focusing on its work; The famous Baklavacı Bayramoğlu brand has reached today. the taste and traditional baklava taste of our consumers who carry To protect it has been our indispensable principle.


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