Product Features

Meticulously prepared handmade kadayif and pistachio come together to create an exquisite taste. Wire Kadayif with Pistachio is shaped by skilled and experienced hands of many years. You can enjoy consuming this delicacy with your loved ones, whose final touch is made with sherbet. String Kadayif with Pistachio, offered with its special recipe, will be your indispensable taste.

  • Ingredients
  • Duration
  • Storage Conditions
  • Allergens

Clarified oil, salt, water, starch, pistachios, eggs, molasses (grape). Does Not Contain Glucose Syrup.

Three days in summer and five days in winter

Keep in a cool and damp place.

This product contains gluten, peanuts, milk and dairy products and eggs. May contain small amounts of walnuts or hazelnuts.