Product Features

Pistachio Wrap, made by the skilled and experienced masters of Bayramoğlu Baklava, is among the most preferred desserts with its color and shape. 90% of the Pistachio Dürüm, in which 1 layer of phyllo is used, consists of delicious pistachios from Gaziantep. The sherbet rate given as the final touch to Pistachio Roll, which gains its crispiness by baking in a 170 degree oven, is less than other baklavas.

  • Ingredients
  • Duration
  • Storage Conditions
  • Allergens

Flour, egg, milk, starch, semolina, clarified butter, salt and special peanuts, sugar, water.

Three days in summer and five days in winter.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Pistachio Wrap contains peanuts and gluten. It may contain walnuts and hazelnuts in small amounts.