Product Features

Dried Pistachio Baklava, which has a longer life than the Classic Pistachio Baklava variety, also differs in terms of material usage. The sherbet ratio of this flavor, in which darker sherbet is used, is less than normal baklavas. Pistachio Dry Baklava variety of Bayramoğlu Baklava, which also differs with its pistachio content, prefers more pistachios. Due to these features and differences, its lifespan is longer, and it preserves its freshness during travels or longer consumption.

  • Ingredients
  • Duration
  • Storage Conditions
  • Allergens

Flour, egg, milk, starch, semolina, sugar, plain oil, water, salt and special peanuts.

Three days in summer and five days in winter.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Pistachio Dry Baklava contains peanuts and gluten. May contain small amounts of hazelnuts and walnuts.