Product Features

Nuriye with Milk offers you the quality of Bayramoğlu Baklava with the taste of hazelnut used in it. Yummy Nuriye with Milk is made by meeting thin baklava phyllo with hazelnuts. This hazelnut flavor, shaped by skilled and experienced hands, cheers up the stomachs with the meeting of warm milk and sherbet on it as soon as it comes out of the oven. Nuriye with Milk, which is a frequently preferred baklava on the counters, accompanies you as well as chatting with your loved ones.

  • Ingredients
  • Duration
  • Storage Conditions
  • Allergens

Milk Nuriye contains flour, plain oil, hazelnut filet, milk, starch, eggs, salt. Does not contain glucose syrup.

Three days in summer and five days in winter

Keep in a cool and damp place.

  • Milk Nuriye contains gluten, milk and dairy products, eggs. It may contain a small amount of peanuts or hazelnuts.