19 Aralık 2022

What is the Difference Between Dry and Wet Baklava?

When we think of dry baklava, some of our followers think of baklava without sherbet, whereas dry baklava is a term used for baklava whose dough does not contain cream.


When we say cream, don't think of cream made from milk or yogurt. Since the real milk cream will melt and flow when it enters the oven, a special cream called "fake cream" or "semolina cream" and made from semolina and milk is added to the wet baklava dough.


Since there is no cream added in the Dry Baklava, the consumption time is quite long compared to the Fresh Baklava. While you should consume fresh baklava within a few days, dry baklava can last for a month under suitable conditions.


Finally, to add flavor to the taste of dry baklava, we recommend you to warm it up a little before eating.