23 Kasım 2022

Ünlü Baklavacı Bayramoğlu

We buy the butter used for baklava from Urfa. It is not an ordinary clarified butter, it is produced only in certain months of the year. Another main ingredient is flour. We also buy our flour from high quality Konya flour. The flours produced in Konya are different from other flours due to the climate. Cengiz Bayındır, the owner of the brand, said, "We add flavor to the products by cooking them in a black oven, which are produced by competent masters."


Could you briefly introduce yourself?

I was born in 1964 in Istanbul. At the age of 13, I stepped into this profession with my father, sarcastically. I have been in this profession for almost 45 years. I am married and have two children.


Could you tell us about the establishment and development process of your company?
Our brand was established by my father, İsmet Bayındır, to sell baklava at the beginning. Our dessert journey, which started in the 1950s, took its place in the sector in 1964 with the famous Baklavacı Bayramoğlu brand. After wholesale, we opened our first branch in Gayrettepe in 1988. Later, we opened our branch in Şişli in 1989, in Atatürk Sanayi in 2005, and in Şişhane in 2007. Today, we serve our customers with 4 branches. In the remaining time period, while focusing on institutionalization studies; It has been our indispensable principle to preserve the taste and traditional baklava taste of our consumers, who carried the famous Baklavacı Bayramoğlu brand to today, at the highest level.


Famous Baklavacı Bayramoğlu, who decorates the production standards of our time with traditional flavor motifs in its 700 square meter indoor facilities in Istanbul, aims to make all humanity love our traditional flavors, baklava and similar desserts. Celebrity Baklavacı Bayramoğlu, who has adopted the principle of operating according to international production standards, has crowned the importance it attaches to product quality, customer satisfaction and consumer health with ISO: 9001 and ISO: 22000 hygiene and quality certificates.


What can you say about your field of activity?
Previously, baklava makers were operating under a single concept, selling baklava and water pastries. In the last 15-20 years, some people put pastry, bagels and bagels next to baklava, some served desserts with hot syrup, and some turned to the restaurant concept. Although we started off with only baklava at the beginning, we gradually increased our product range. The main reason for this is the excessive increase in the prices of the products we use in the production of baklava, and the decrease in the profit margin obtained from baklava. While all the prices were rising when we said butter, pistachio and walnuts, we could not raise baklava at the same rate. For this reason, we have taken the path of earning by diversifying the products we sell.


Can we get information about your customer portfolio?
If we talk about the Şişli region, everyone who works in this area and passes by is among our customers. We appeal to all people, whether civil servants, workers, students or self-employed. While our customers mainly consist of employees after 17-18 in the morning and evening, they consist of people residing in the region as of 10 am.


What can you say about your price policy?
As we deal with the food business, we pay great attention to health and hygiene. For this reason, the quality of the products we use in production is very important to us. Since we use quality materials, produce and sell quality products, our prices are directly proportional to our costs. We sell the products we produce with a profit margin of 15-20 percent. Since we offer quality products to our customers, our prices are reasonable. We want our customers to get their money's worth by gaining half a kilo of quality products instead of taking 1 kilogram from the cheap product and having health problems.


Why do you think customers should choose you?
Our customers prefer us primarily because we offer quality products and services. Since we have been serving in the same region for 30 years, our customers know and trust us. We are like friends with most of our customers. We work with the old tradesman mentality and do not look at the fact that 3-5 liras are less when selling.


Could you tell us about your product range?
Since we serve as a patisserie rather than a dessert shop, we offer our customers a variety of pastries, pastries and pastries in the morning. Our products include Baklava, şöbiyet, burma, pistachio wrap, nightingale, Nuriye with milk, kadaif, milk desserts, cake varieties, and cookies. The products we offer to our customers are manufactured in our own place by skilled craftsmen in the black oven.


We see that in some places, baklava and sweets are sold very cheaply. What is used in these products that costs so cheap?
I know that the reason why some confectioners sell products cheaply is because they want to sell more and earn from the sale. In addition, we have colleagues who produce by purchasing the materials used at low quality and cheaper prices. They produce at affordable prices by using 75-80 lira pistachios instead of 120 lira pistachios, and reducing the weight of pistachios put into the baklava. They also use margarine instead of clarified butter, reducing the cost by more than half. By doing this, cheap products can be sold. In addition, there are those who paint peanuts with food coloring and put them in baklava as pistachios, or there are confectioners who use third and fourth quality products. We do production and sales by keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront without compromising on quality. We always stand behind our product. Those who cannot stand behind their products, after a certain period of time, lock their doors and leave.


When you look from the past to the present, what do you see that has changed the most?